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Welcome to Harmony Homoeopathy

Primary motto of Harmony homoeopathy is "A patient care". A patient seeks diagnosis of his sickness from a doctor whose unique method is so efficacious that it increases the healing rate of patient. Being aware of this fact, we firmly believe in maintaining standard and so we are here to serve our gold standard approach of homoeopathic treatment. Harmony Homoeopathy is not just the clinic but the place where patient can really get the diagnosis from doctors who are master in their particular science.

Our logo – "Harmony" itself suggests a rhythm, a friendly consort, a graceful combination, and natural balance between two, positive and negative energies. We listen peacefully and understand the problems of our patients. As part of any doctor's best practice we too, always first try to make patient into mentally soothing state. We try our best to maintain the patient in his harmonious state of health by upholding standards of diagnosis.

We believe that every human living into society consists of unique physical and mental characteristics and hence we give equal respect to such great creation of nature that is a human. We involve our self into patient's cause of suffering, we listen, we study the case, find the reasons of disease and from the root. We try to analyze the reason and symptoms of disharmonious state of our patients. By applying our best practice and integrating all the possible causes, we prescribe the suitable homoeopathic medicine and put our all efforts to bring patient's health to his normal harmonious state.

Harmony Homoeopathy gives value of integrity, honesty, dedication, commitment and accountability. Our mission is to spread the benefits of homeopathy to as many people in the world as possible.


  • I would like to express my heartfelt thanks to Dr Rughani. Everytime when I look at myself in the mirror, I find myself looking better and a much happier person. I have more confidence in myself now. My eczema is gone and Chalazion is much better. Homeopathy is really amazing and I truly believe in it! Dr Rughani will always be the first Doctor in my mind if I have any other problems in future. Once again, I really want to thank Dr Nirav Rughani for treating me.
    by Mr. M.J.Patel - India - Chalazion

  • I started taking it and within 1 week both my husband and I noticed a difference in my coughing and cold symptoms and within 2 weeks we KNEW it was helping. It has now been one year and I'm working on my 3rd batch of K.B. And I have not had one sign of a cold in this year!!! It has truly been a miracle in my life!!! I would recommend Dr.Meera Rughani and Homeopathy to anyone. In fact, I do it every chance I get!!! Thank you very much!!!
    Sharon Monarko, USA - Frequent Colds

  • I had been successfully treated for Allergic Rhinitis at Dr. Rughani when I was staying in Surat. So when I moved to Mumbai and started having problem with my throat and respiration, the first place I headed for was Dr Rughani. Dr Nirav who treated me was impressive and gave me a patient hearing. Being busy I could not take medicines regularly from past few months but still did not face any problems which is the best part of the treatment. Many thanks.
    by Preeti Desai - India - Chalazion

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