Constitutional Approach

The homeopathy differs from the conventional mode of treating the patients by its approach. The homeopathic approach is more of totalistic and individualistic in nature. In brief, the concept suggests looking at any disease condition in its totality rather then treating it as in isolation. Any major disease is multi-factorial in its origin. Homeopathy looks at the multi-factorial causations such as genetic, physical, emotional, etc. and treats the disease accordingly.

You are invited to examine a Flash presentation to appreciate the scientific approach involved in the treatment of every patients. The approach entails the study of the nature of the physical body, body's reaction pattern, body structure, etc. It also includes the diseases that one has suffered, the history of diseases that the family members suffered. It entails systematic study of mind and emotional pattern, behavior pattern, stress coping system, etc. It is very interesting and rewarding, in terms of results achieved after applying the constitutional approach.

Limitations with constitutional approach:

A matured and professionally trained knows that the constitutional approach has another side. It does not work in all the cases. The treating physician has to identify the scope and limitation of this approach in a given case and treat the patient accordingly. One cannot be rigid in its application as certain categories of cases call for another approach to support it. The concept of constitutional approach is often overrated by many homeopaths; which ends up in poor results in practice. This is a large subject which is not within the scope to discuss in full length at this place.

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