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Diagnosis of Allergic Rhinitis

How do I make sure its allergy?

The history of allergic rhinitis (nasal allergy) is usually enough to diagnose this condition. Physical examination may give some further clues to the treating physician and these include:

Paleness or violaceous discoloration of the lining of the nose

Nasal polyps in some cases

Eyelid swelling

Allergic shiners – darkened areas under eyes thought to be due to congestion of venous blood

In addition, skin tests may be done to confirm the diagnosis of allergic rhinitis (nasal allergy):

Skin prick test – In this test, a small amount of purified allergen extract is pricked into the skin of your arm and you're observed for signs of an allergic reaction. A raised bump at the tested site confirms your allergy to the injected substance.

Intradermal tests - The allergen extract is injected between layers of the skin in this test

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