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Recent research has indicated that the prevalence of sexual dysfunction is high in both the sexes. Amongst females, the prevalence ranges from 25% to 60%, the average being around 40%. The exact incidence is difficult to find out since a large number of cases go unreported. This may be due to the social stigma attached to sexual disorders. However, with changing times, more and more women are becoming open to discuss their sexual problems with their physician and seek treatment for the same too.

Any problem that keeps a woman from experiencing sexual pleasure can be included in the umbrella term 'female sexual dysfunction'. Thus, female sexual dysfunction includes any of the complaints ranging from lack of sexual desire to absence of orgasm and anything in between. It is not uncommon for women to experience painful sexual intercourse (dyspareunia) but this again is one of the problems that go unreported.

An occasional problem with sexual function is a normal phenomenon but if this tends to get repetitive, timely treatment must be sought. Homeopathy evokes good response in most cases since the medicines work at the level of the body as well as mind. At Harmony Homoeopathy, we have been treating female sexual dysfunction for around many years now and have had good response in most cases relieving many women from their suffering. It is suggested that patients opt for treatment early on so as to experience maximum benefits from the treatment.

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