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Homeopathic Treatment For Allergic Rhinitis

In one of the research studies conducted, 147 cases with respiratory allergies were evaluated and the success rate with homeopathic treatment was found to be 87.6% in these.

In another double-blind clinical trial conducted in the Phoenix metropolitan area during the regional allergy season from February to May, the effects of homeopathic preparations were compared with those of placebo. Participants included 40 men and women, in the age group of 26-63 years, who had been diagnosed with moderate to severe seasonal allergic rhinitis. Significant positive changes from baseline to 4 weeks were seen in the homeopathic group as compared to the placebo group. The subjects reported no adverse effects during this period. Thus, the potential benefits of the homeopathic treatment in reducing symptoms and improving quality of life in patients with seasonal allergic rhinitis were confirmed.

Homeopathy indeed has the credit of relieving a large number of patients from the distress of allergic rhinitis (nasal allergy). The medication targets the body's immune system whereby it reduces the hypersensitivity to the allergens. Over a period of time, the patient reacts less aggressively to the allergens and gradually the hypersensitivity is cured.

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