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Homeopathic Treatment For Depression

Homeopathy can effectively treat most forms of depression with good results. Research done in the past has also shown that significant improvement in depression symptoms and betterment in the quality of life of patients was clearly evident after homeopathic treatment. At Harmony Homoeopathy, we have the experience and expertise in treating this condition successfully with Homeopathy for more than many years now.

The duration of treatment for depression may vary from case to case and depends on several factors such as duration of the condition, its severity and its impact on the patient. Patients who have not lost touch with reality are likely to respond better than those who suffer from psychotic symptoms like delusions / hallucinations (which indicates loss of touch with reality). In addition, patients who develop a strong will (who do not give up on the treatment) and take adequate steps for the same are likely to show good response to treatment.

The medicines can help to reinstate the deviation from health back to normal and can help the patients to lead a better quality of life in general. In addition, Homeopathy can help in avoiding the use of anti-depressants which often tend to be habit-forming as well as lead to side effects like weight gain, high blood pressure, blurring of vision, etc.

Additionally, homeopathic medicines are not habit-forming and without any side effects. Thus treatment can be continued even for long periods without worrying about any untoward events due to medication. For people who are already on conventional treatment, Homeopathy can help them to reduce their dependency on the conventional drugs while leading to good health in general.

Lastly, with adequate counseling and psychotherapy as an adjunct to homeopathy, patients can be effectively helped out of their depression to lead a normal, joyful and satisfactory life.

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