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Mental Retardation (M.R.)

Mental retardation is a "significantly sub-average general intellectual function existing concurrently with deficit in adaptive behaviour, and manifested during the development period". From a biological point of view, M.R. is a state of incomplete mental development of a kind and degree such that the individual is incapable of adapting himself to the normal environment as to maintain existence independently of supervision, control or external support.

The causes of M.R.

Mental retardation is not a disease; it's an expression of many symptoms. The underlying problem in M.R. is an aberration of brain function. The causes of brain dysfunction could be environmental and/or genetic factors.

All the characteristics of M.R. can appear long after birth due to injury to the brain anytime during the development period upto 18 years of age. Injury to the brain can be caused by the following factors: Severe malnutrition in the child especially upto 2 years of age. Infection to the child such as meningitis or encephalitis. Repeated episodes of epileptic fits. Injury to the brain from accidents or falls. Strangulation, smoke inhalation or near drowning. Accidental poisoning. Genetic disorders etc

Role of homoeopathy

Bring about moderation in sensitivity disturbances

Control the behavioural problems

Control the emotional disturbances

Manage underlying neurological, genetic, metabolic disorders

Promote the growth process and general resistance of the system

Do not have any adverse or depressing neurophysiological side effects.

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