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A migraine is not just any other ordinary headache… it is a very debilitating condition that is a combination of headache, nausea, vomiting, etc and causes significant distress to the patient. This painful condition affects as many as 28 million people in USA alone with the incidence being higher amongst females as compared to males.

On account of its nature, migraine can indeed rob a person of his quality of life and whether the patient stays at home or goes to work in spite of the pain, it ultimately results in lost productivity. Migraine is one of the common causes for work absenteeism as well as late arrival to office and leaving early from work. Thus the work productivity may be compromised in spite of presenteeism at the office. The sad thing is that there is considerable disability associated with this condition in chronic cases which often goes unrecognized at the clinic level.

The American Headache Society hosted the 2009 International Headache Congress in Philadelphia wherein research studies highlighted the enormous impact of migraine on global economy. One study estimated that more than $24 billion is lost annually in US alone due to direct medical expenditure and lost productivity resulting from migraine.

Research studies have clearly demonstrated that Homeopathy has significant help to offer to patients in terms of reduced frequency of migraine headaches, reduced intensity of the attacks and improvement in quality of life after commencing treatment. Welcome to the pain-free world of Homeopathy at Harmony Homoeopathy.

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