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One of the commonest complaints amongst children and affecting as many as one out of every 10 people worldwide, tonsillitis is surely one condition that demands a lot of attention from medical experts. Commonly known as sore throat, tonsillitis is basically an inflammation of the tonsils which are protective glands (lymph glands) situated in the throat.

Tonsils play a vital role in protecting the body against harmful bacteria and viruses. However, when the immunity reduces, the tonsils themselves fall prey to these infective organisms thereby resulting in swelling (inflammation) of the tonsils. On account of tonsillitis, patient experiences pain in the throat, difficulty in swallowing, fever, etc.

Surgical removal of tonsils was once a very common method of treating tonsillitis; however, it has now been proved that surgical treatment is not the only option for chronic and recurrent tonsillitis. Research studies have now clearly shown that Homeopathy is very effective in treating cases of tonsillitis safely and gently and without any side effects. The immunomodulatory, analgesic and anti-inflammatory properties of homeopathic medicines have now been accepted as playing an important role in treating tonsillitis. At Harmony Homoeopathy, we have been treating cases of tonsillitis for many years now and have had good results in most cases. The treatment has helped many patients to avoid get operated upon. Go ahead and experience the goodness of Homeopathy at Harmony Homoeopathy.

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