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Case Study

Diagnosis:- Irritable Bowel Syndrome

Case History:-

A 9 years old Muslim girl, from 5th std. having a, C/o. Urgency for urination as well as for stool since 4 years. She has to rush to closet while eating, she leaves the plat half and she will finish her food after coming from the closet. Sometime she wets her clothes if she could not reach on time to lavatory. The character of stool is non-bloody but with mucous and offensive undigested food particles. She got her primary control on bladder at 1 year age and on bowel at 2 years age. There are no other obvious histories of neurological problems seen in the child.

There are few physical characteristics available in the case as followed;

Her Perspiration is scanty and only on upper lip and nose. She does not need to drink much water. She craves for sour and spicy food. She likes sweet and ice-cream. She takes covering up to her neck but she keeps her foot out of covering because of burning pain.

She has past history of hair falling in bunch at 5 years age and there is no other specific family history available in the case.

She is from lower socio-economical class and staying in a slum area. Her father hails from U.P. and doing labor work. She has 2 younger sisters (5years and 3 years old) who are staying with her aunt in village, and she stays here with her parents and one youngest brother (10 months old). She has c/o urgency for stool and urine since 4 years while she was staying here with her parents, mean time she went to village for a year and stayed with her aunt and now she has come back to here and staying with parents since 1 ½ years. She is studying in Urdu medium school. She is good in study and it has improved after started her tuitions. She do not like alone. She plays with her friends and mixes easily and shares her things with others. She doesn't mind if her things have been broken by others. She is mild and not much obstinate. She likes to play cricket and do not like to help her mother. Sometime she takes care of her younger brother when her mother is busy with her house hold work. She makes lot of scenes and speaks lie when she don't want to do any work. She gets angry when her mother gives her any task to complete. She is very slow in her working and she tries to postpone her work. She gets easily exhausted from slightest work. She is sensitive to reprimand and therefore she is scared of her mother, teacher and other elder person. She has fear of alone and dark.

Discussion: -

Here, considering the qualified mental state laziness, sensitive to reprimand and scared, with other physical general cravings, and thermal state was striking to the similarity of Medorrhinum.

Understanding of susceptibility was high with consideration of age, functional problem with less structural involvement, good vitality and high sensitivity.

So, the initial final prescription was given – Medorrhinum - 1M, 1Packet, Hs. patient got little improvement in her control level and did not wet the clothes but her urging and rushing to the closet was not improved. Then case was re-evaluated and gave importance to the characteristic physical particulars – "perspiration upper lip, perspiration on nose, stool offensive, and urging eating after" that gave an indication of 'Rheum'. Patient was completely better after a single dose of Rheum – 1M. and she is now free from her uncontrolled urging.

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